Melvin is the only boss of the game. His level is unknown (?). Melvin appears after the player reaches level 10 and will respawn randomly around the world after defeated. He's neutral, which means he won't attack you unless you OR your robot attacks him, so if you don't want your robot to attack him, either turn him off or change his mode to "Defensive". Be careful when using ranged weapons near him. Even when not provoked, he will deal damage if the player touches him.

He is also the only monster that speaks. Melvin usually drops very good loot, including his helmet, which provides great armor, and sometimes drops 1-3 platinum. Melvin's attacks deal 415
Melvin 2


damage each, and he has 6000 hp.

Melvin's HP and ATK

He also has the "Shockwave" ability, which incapacitates and freezes the player. He has 2 attacks, charging, and stomp, that freezes the player in place. Spring boots, 5 food, armor and a hand or fire cannon are recommended to engage Melvin. Your robot also needs to have both batteries, a sword and a propeller. Scrap hammers have long range, so these work too. Spring boots make it easier to dodge Melvin's attacks. Trying to make him stuck doesn't work; he will despawn if he can't get to you. Sometimes when Melvin uses his charge attack and hits the player or his/her robot, he will say "Ow! My head hurts!" and will be incapacitated by a short period of time. This gives the player chance to hit him with melee weapons without any risk.

Once Melvin appears and you get close to him, a message appears saying "Beware, Melvin lurks nearby...".

The game tends to freeze sometimes during Melvin's fight, and he usually stomps you while the game is frozen. It's recommended to pause the game to avoid accidental defeat. Melvin recovers all his health if he defeats the player. He also mentions he likes "Tulip Sandwiches". It's likely that this item will be added into the game as a way to summon Melvin.

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